Cisco Meraki® WIFI Access Point Covers

The trade marks CISCO®, MERAKI® and CISCO MERAKI® are trade marks of Cisco Technology, Inc. and are protected by trade mark registrations in the UK, the EU, the US and globally. Cover & Hyde™ is not an authorised or licensed user of these trade marks, and their use herein is wholly referential and for the exclusive purposes of explaining the intended function of Cover & Hyde™ products.

EU Trade Mark No 16706582 - For the mark: COVER & HYDE™
- US Design Patent Application No 29/608137 for MR33 and US Design Patent Application No 29/608139 MR32 and MR42
- EU Community Registered Design No 3933480-0001 for MR33 and No 3933480-0002 for MR32 and MR42